The Farm Antiques, Wells Maine

About The Author: Hannah Crouthamel

Hannah Crouthamel
It seems like I have been an antique dealer forever, but in fact the first 18 years The-Farm-Antiquesof my life I was just the child of an Air Force officer, moving from one place to another (over 16 moves, in fact). In 1960 my parents, Tom and Jeannette Hackett, purchased a decrepit farm on 150 acres in southern coastal Maine. They were planning for their eventual “retirement” in 1967.

They were blessed with energy and a huge work ethic that apparently is inherited, as I too have those traits. They rehabbed “The Farm” and in 1967, they opened it as an antique shop. I was about to enter college at George Washington University and needed tuition money. So, inspired by my parents, I became involved in studying, buying and selling antiques. It was huge fun, a great challenge and proved to be profitable, as well.

In 1971 after graduating from G. W. with a degree in biology, I spent a year building my business and then married a bright PhD student, David Crouthamel. I spent the next three years doing research at the University of Georgia, School of Veterinary Medicine, while still pursuing the development of my antiques business…. (more…)

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