The Farm Antiques, Wells Maine

About The Author: Hannah Crouthamel

Hannah Crouthamel
It seems like I have been an antique dealer forever, but in fact the first 18 years The-Farm-Antiquesof my life I was just the child of an Air Force officer, moving from one place to another (over 16 moves, in fact). In 1960 my parents, Tom and Jeannette Hackett, purchased a decrepit farm on 150 acres in southern coastal Maine. They were planning for their eventual “retirement” in 1967.

They were blessed with energy and a huge work ethic that apparently is inherited, as I too have those traits. They rehabbed “The Farm” and in 1967, they opened it as an antique shop. I was about to enter college at George Washington University and needed tuition money. So, inspired by my parents, I became involved in studying, buying and selling antiques. It was huge fun, a great challenge and proved to be profitable, as well.

In 1971 after graduating from G. W. with a degree in biology, I spent a year building my business and then married a bright PhD student, David Crouthamel. I spent the next three years doing research at the University of Georgia, School of Veterinary Medicine, while still pursuing the development of my antiques business….

After David was awarded his doctorate, he found jobs were hard to come by in the field of biology. My parents were growing older and realized they needed help if they were to have The Farm reach its full potential. So in 1976 they invited us to join the business full time and we both decided we would like to give it a try.

We’ve never looked back! Antiques have been our life and livelihood ever since. They have provided intellectual stimulation, wonderful clients, so many of whom have become dear friends, and a gorgeous place to live and work. We were blessed to have superb parents, who were great partners in business and life. They are gone now, but their steadfast adherence to high standards of conduct, personally and in business, has been the ideal upon which we’ve based our lives.

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